My name is Lymarie, or most call me Lynn, and I am the Founder of Lash Royalty Lash Parlor & Premium Supplies. My journey in the eyelash industry started back in 2016 when I pursued being a licensed esthetician. Currently  my focus is in lash extension services along with my retail line. A couple years into lashing, I created and launched my premium lash extension supplies e-commerce business.I now provide services along with owning and operating the first and only lash supply store in Rochester,NY which became open to the public in 2019. 


Prior to starting my lash career I worked as a medical insurance agent and part time retail associate at a family owned medical scrub store. In 2015 I obtained my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Monroe Community College. Get this, in the graduation program instead of being listed with my classmates under the C.J class I was listed under the Business Administration class. Funny how life works, in 2016 I decided to start my own business. My passion that I have for retail comes from back when I was a teen working at the local mall, even further back to when growing up I would watch my mom sell jewelry, she was pretty much the local jeweler. My passion for lashes may come from my middle school/high school years when all I cared about was my lip gloss and mascara. The moment the teachers at my beauty school mentioned lash classes I knew right then and there that lashes was what my niche was.

I graduated from Continental School of Beauty in March of 2017 and immediately began booth renting at a salon. A short time later I moved into my first studio space which I outgrew within the first year, at that time I moved into a bigger studio space but guessed it...I outgrew that space which brings us to my storefront that I opened in 2019. I had no idea that lashes would bring me this far, I've trained others, traveled to provide services in a different state, worked in both Miami, FL and Rochester,NY at one point, created a community and launched my product line to provide premium quality supplies to lash artists of every level. 

Being a latina woman born in Rio Piedras, PR in the 90's it means the world to me that I am able to provide for my family. I didnt have a tough upbringing but it wasn't perfect. My ultimate goal in life is to be able to repay my parents (if that is even possible) for all of the sacrifices they had to make and road bumps they endured raising four children while making ends meet. 


If I can start from the bottom and get this far in life, so can you!

-xo Lymarie (Lynn) R.